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Second Mathematical Chemistry Workshop of the Americas

The Second Mathematical Chemistry Workshop of the Americas will be held during July 19-24, 2010, in Bogota, Colombia, at the campus of the Universidad de los Andes.

the focus of the conference will be the Mathematical Chemistry and in the relationship between chemistry, mathematical modelling, chemoinformatics, environmental toxicology, quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) and quantitative molecular similarity analysis (QMSA) modelling, bioinformatics (including genomics and proteomics), and other relevant fields.


challenges in inorganic and material chemistry 20-23 july, hong kong

the International Symposia on Advancing the Chemical Sciences (ISACS) series for 2010 - will take place in the spectacular venue of Hong Kong.

leading researchers will highlight the recent advancemetns in the area.


3rd IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry, 15-19 August , 2010 Ottawa - Canada

3rd IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry is going to be held on 15-19 August , 2010 in Ottawa - Canada.

the conference topics includes the followings.

Benign Synthesis (catalysis, solvents, reagents)

Green Chemistry for Energy Production (hydrogen, fuel cell, greener energy production, fuels from biomass)

Chemicals from Renewables (chemicals from biomass, waste plastics, waste CO2)

Green Engineering (process intensification, energy savings, separations) -

Education in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Policy (corporate and government)


second asia pasific conference on ionic liquids and green process sep 7-10, 2010, Dalian, China

This is unique opportunity for phd students and research students to get latest developements in the field of ionic liquids and green chemsitry. A variety of research papers will be presented in the conference.


Green solvents conference October, 10 2010 - October, 13 2010 , Berchtesgaden/Germany

Solvents are of prime importance in the field of chemical research mainly the synthetic chemistry. The use and developement of environmental friendly material, methods and technologies are the todays focused area of research so as to reduce the environmental pollution load. the titled even is very useful opportunity to have detailed information about the green solevents applicaitons in the field of chemistry


21st Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) 2010

The 21st BCCE will be held August 1-5, 2010 at the University of North Texas in Denton. The event is helpful to get interact with the chemistry instructors. The Conference is comprised of lectures, symposia, workshops, chemical demonstrations, poster sessions, exhibits and tours.


singapore intenational graduate award

under the schemce of singapore intenational graduate award (SINGA), there is unique opportunity to pursue the phd in science or engineering field. Applications can be made for august 2011 intake session. copy of your Identity

following documents are required

copy of identity Card or Passport
Certified true copies of university transcript(s),
Certified true copies of degree scroll(s)
Two Academic Referees' Recommendation
Two recent passport-sized photographs

the award is highly competitive , to apply and to get about the detailed information please visit the following web link


University of Newcastle International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

The university of Newcastle ,Australia offers different scholarships , among them the interanational post graduate scholarships is significant for internaitonal students. it covers tution fee and living expenses. students of all countries are eligible to apply.the english language proficiency is the requirement,eith IELTS or TOEFL with specified score. for more informaiton visit the web link


scholarship for studying in spain

scholarships are offered to the foreign students to study master or phd level degree in the spain. the competitive students may get benefit of this opportunity to study abroad with the scholarship scheme. for having a detailed information on the terms and conditions and the application procedure please visit the follwowing weblink/


scholarships for studying in china

A variety of scholarships is offered to study in china. where students can study at various levels of study including bechelor,master and doctorate level. the amount of scholarship varies depeanding upon the level of studies. There is a list of institutino under this schemce.the students can choose institution based on their interest.the online applicaitn can also be submitted. for more detailed information. please visit the following weblink.

United states education foundation scholrships for paksitani students

United states education foundation offers different types of scholrships for students as well as professional for the enhancement of their educaiton and professional skills. Elighibility criteria for master, doctorate and professional studies is different. GRE General and TOEFL are generally required in most of the cases and their good scores can be beneficial to win to competiton along with previous grades. for having more detailed information please visit the weblink of usef given below.


New Zealand International doctorate Scholarships

International students can have a chance to study their doctorate degree in newzeeland. Along with other benefits i.e tution fee and book allowance the NZ$1708.33 per month will be given. Only those students which have competitive qualifiation along with english language profiencey frist seek the acceptance from their concerned department . the last date to apply for the scholarship is Thursday the 15th of July 2010. more inormatin can be obtained form the website given below.


UNESCO-LOREAL Fellowships for Young Women in Life Sciences

this fellowship scheme is specif for women in life science and each year 15 young women scientist are awarded this scholarship. fellowship is allocated for carrying their research outside of their home country. till 30 june applications can be submitted. for having more details please visist the following weblink.

Scholarships for studying in germany

German student exchange service DAAD offers various scholarships to the intentaional students for studying in differnet fields at master and doctrate , post doctorate level. the eligibility criteria is different depeanding upon the coure being selected. for having detailed information about appliaction procedure, available fields and deadline the following web link can be consulted. Please note that it is a searchable database.


AsiaNano 2010, Asian Confrence on Nanoscience and nanotechnology

Aasianano 2010 has been organized in japan to highlight the recent advancements in the field of nanotechnoloy and nanoscience. the key speakers in the confrence are expected to participate in the confrence. for more details please visit the following weblink.