For movie15-based 3D embeds, how to get u3d files?

I posted the following question over at tex.stackexchange but as a newbie there, I can only post one link, so I put a linked version here.

The movie15 package requires 3D files to be in u3d format for embedding into pdf. This works fine with the sample files provided, and I have no problem generating suitable 3D files, but so far, I have not found a way to convert them to u3d. MeshLab, usually the first place to go for such things, crashes during u3d export.

Better late than never - PLoS ONE now accepts LaTeX manuscripts

After having written my diploma thesis in Microsoft Word, I switched to LaTeX for my PhD, and I never wanted to switch back since. However, PLoS ONE - an Open Access journal that abandoned the traditional discipline-specific scope, which made it a potentially interesting publication venue for research on topics or methods that are hard to classify in traditional discipline-centred terms - didn't accept TeX-based documents, even though this had been pointed out soon after the launch of the journal in 2006. Now they seem to have solved their technical problems and, starting a few days ago, do indeed accept LaTeX documents. I hope that this significant invitation to what they call "math heavy communities" is going to be accompanied by an overhaul of the scheme they use to categorize their articles, in which "physics" still stands at the same hierarchical level as "ophthalmology", even though the system is more fine-grained internally.