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The Pakistan Academy of Sciences on behalf of Third World Academy of Sciences instituted a prize for Young Pakistani Scientists who are below the age of 40 (the age of the nominee should not exceed 40 on 1st January of the year in which the nominations are invited) in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics on rotation basis.

The Academy invites nominations in January/February each year from its Fellows, Vice Chancellors of the Universities and Heads of R&D Organizations. Only one name is to be proposed.

(1) A scientist who has already been awarded a Gold Medal / Prize by the Academy in a particular discipline shall be eligible for another Gold Medal/Prize in the same subject after a gap of five (5) years, subject to the conditions that the medal would not be given on the basis of same work. He shall have to submit research work carried out after the award of the first medal. This should be clearly mentioned/reflected in the nomination letter.

(2) Four (4) copies of complete biodata of the nominee, giving age, educational qualifications, service record, present address, along with a brief citation highlighting the achievements of the nominee are required.

(3) The nomination for the Prize must be supported by at least one reprint of each of the relevant original paper of the nominee. In case the reprints are not available, photocopies of reprints with complete reference to the Scientific Journals in which the original papers were published mentioning the titles, years of publication and number of pages of research papers should be provided.

(4) List of research papers as distinct from Books, Monographs, Reports, Notes, Popular and Semi-Popular Essays, Conference Proceedings may be provided.

The proposer is requested to verify that the above requirements are fulfilled, failing which the nomination will not be considered. The nominations complete, in all respects, received within due dates are processed. The documents of the candidates are sent to the selection committee constituted for the purpose for assessment in order of merit. On the basis of the recommendations of the Selection Committee, the Council of the Academy selects candidates for the prize. The prize is awarded to the winners in the investiture ceremony in the General Body meeting in November/December. The decision of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences shall be final and shall not be challengeable in a court of law or elsewhere.

International Conference on Organic Chemistry

05/06/2007 04:25
09/06/2007 04:25

Nordic Structural Chemistry Meeting for Young Scientists

19th Nordic Structural Chemistry Meeting

Topic: Material Sciences, Biochemistry

Date: 08-11 January 2007, Spåtind, Norway, Europe

Web Site:

The scientific program will cover all important aspects of crystallography from materials science to protein structure. Particularly young scientists are invited to attend and present their work in front of a small, interested and friendly audience.
The above Internet site will provide you with the necessary information about registration, traveling and lodging, the conference programme and more.

AGU Fall Meeting

December 11-15, 2006
The 2006 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California.

The 2006 AGU Fall Meeting provides an opportunity for more than 12,000 researchers, teachers, students, and consultants to present and review the latest issues affecting the Earth, the planets, and their environments in space. This meeting will cover topics in all areas of Earth and space sciences.

For more information visit the conference web site:

Registration Deadline: 6 November 2006
Housing Deadline: 6 November 2006

AGU Meetings Department
2000 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20009 USA
Phone: +1-800-966-2481, ext. 333 or +1-202-777-7330
Fax: +1-202-328-0566
E-mail: (subject: 2006 Fall Meeting)

ICSU Young Scientists Conference

Location: Lindau (Germany)
Event Type: Meeting
Event Date: 2007-04-04
End Date: 2007-04-06

Event Description:
Global Scientific Challenges: Perspectives from Young Scientists
An international conference celebrating 75 years of ICSU
4-6 April 2007
Lindau, Germany.

This conference will bring together approximatley two hundred young scientists from across the world, and from different disciplines, to discuss and debate some of the key challenges for science in the 21st century. The conference is designed to attract and stimulate the interests of those who will play a leading role in international research over future decades. Through the critical assessment of specific case studies and experiences, the conference will serve as a space for reflection on the future conduct of science in the context of a rapidly changing world.

The conference will serve as a forum for young scientists to:
• Exchange knowledge and experience with their peers in an interdisciplinary and intercultural setting
• Debate key issues at the interface between science and society
• Identify and discuss emerging obstacles and challenges for the scientist of tomorrow
It will provide a unique international networking opportunity that is quite distinct from the usual discipline or topic-focussed meeting.

Contact email:

Website url:

Nouveaux contacts hongrois

Bonsoir à tous,
A priori le premier contact franco-hongrois lors de la semaine de la Science Ac avait bien marché, non?
Du coup, on va essayer de maintenir et renforcer les liens entre les mouvements de jeunes scientifiques des deux pays, vous êtes partants pour continuer?
Là, quelques nouveaux jeunes hongrois (cette fois-ci des jeunes filles aussi) du mouvement Kutato Diàk qui s'intéressent à la culture francophone vont nous rejoindre sur Ways... Certains l'ont d'ailleurs déjà fait au moment où j'écris!
Donc ne vous étonnez pas de voir des nouveaux noms apparaître!

Et puis, à vous de jouer pour les connaître et créer des échanges avec eux!

Bisous et bonne nuit


First TWAS Regional Conference of Young Scientists

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